[Oct 10. 2:39AM] [Aiden Cora] "I had a Combine related dream, I was a pilot for the Empire, and the Emperor was a ewok who ordered me to fly across the galaxy for a tub of ice cream..."
[Oct 10. 2:45AM] [Mike Que-Kara] That sounds like Xavier Dedoroff.
Mike Que-Kara ‎(8:54 PM):

lol, Thanks
May all those who oppose you die as well
Mike Que-Kara ‎(8:55 PM):
That came out more evil then I expected

<Mike_Que-Kara> Can you speak English Properly?
<Gimil> i canwell
<Mike_Que-Kara> Thats not very convincing

Mike Que-Kara: we need a motto for the KS

Volk Naasta'rono: We do you fast!

Mike Que-Kara: That's awesome!

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