Michael Pangbourne
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Sector Adjutant Michael T. Pangbourne was a decorated Imperial officer executed in Year 7 by the SoroSuub Corporation while leading a Special Forces team in enemy territory. Following his demise, a press release was issued by Moff Jake Kiltar who posthumously awarded Pangbourne with the Imperial Gold Cross "for his work far above and beyond the call of duty."


Michael Pangbourne joined the Galactic Empire during the first reign of Emperor Vodo Bonias. He later served in a variety of positions including: Director of Imperial Research & Development, Director of the Naval Intelligence Agency, Commanding Officer of the 1st Imperial Fleet, Provost General of the Imperial Academy, Navy Inspector General, Director of Imperial Management and Administration, Director of Resources and Allocation, Acting Minister of the Ministry of the Interior, and the 2nd in Command of the Oversector Outer Rim.

In Year 6, Pangbourne played a crucial role in preserving the stability of the Empire. At the time, the controversial policies of Grand Moff Zerk incited a number of Imperial officers and enlisted men to revolt. However, Captain Pangbourne rallied a majority of the revolt's supporters and signed a peace treaty with Emperor Vodo. This partly defused the situation and reduced support for the revolt. Those who did not sign the treaty formed the New Imperial Order.

In Year 7, Pangbourne led a Special Forces team into enemy territory to establish an Imperial foothold for future expansion with the Oversector Outer Rim when his team was ambushed by a squadron of SoroSuub mercenaries. Pangbourne managed "to hold off the vile mercenaries long enough to allow his team to evacuate hundreds of thousands of citizens from the Tantra system, but was hit by enemy fire while placing the last refugees onboard the transport. Doctors at Khuiumin were unable to heal his injuries and Bacta had no effect. His sacrifice for the Imperial people will be long remembered."

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