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Maximus Archer
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Maximus Archer was born on the planet of Coruscant, and led a normal child hood. He was raised with his sister Juliana Archer. After school his father wanted him to work in the family transport business piloting one of their bulk freighters. Maximus had other plans though. He went to a ING Communications uplink and joined the Imperial Army. After graduating from the Imperial Academy with honors he served in the ranks of the Imperial infantry division stationed at Berchest.

After a while he joined the separatist movement called the Dark Empire led by the Sith. He decided to move on to the Navy and attended the Imperial War College at Bastion graduating with the Rank or Petty Officer. There he worked his way through the ranks holding various commands until the Empires merged back as one. He had lived through much of the cold war between the Empire and Alliance.

At the rank of Commander Maximus decided to retire for personal reasons and move into the civilian work force. Having powerful friends Maximus took a job for time in the production industry. Things did work as he wished he could just not bring himself to keep the job. It was system shock so many years in the military made Maximus unsuitable for civilian life. Max left just jumped into hyperspace and to spend some time alone.

He went through many changes during this time Maximus had forged himself to be an evil man a tool of the Emperor to subjugated the galaxy to the New Order. Now love had found him by chance and things were much different for him. He had something to fight for and to protect a young white Twilek female.

Some say he is dead others that he just disappeared, it has even been said that a headstone had been erected in his name at Bastion. Maximus is very much alive however, though despair has consumed him and he now travels the Galaxy watching and waiting for the right time to emerge. The only peace he finds is in his new love and the hopes that he can give her a good life.

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