In-game information

Marcus Nightcloud is one of the longest playing characters in the Combine, having played since Year One. He has served with various factions throughout his Combine career, including the Rebel Alliance, the Hapes Consortium, and Tytus Escorting Service. He currently serves with Bilibringi Shiyards, a division of the Galactic Collective.


  1. Turned into a Jawa by Veynom
  2. Single-handedly ticking off the Sith, the Empire, and the Rebel Alliance

In-character information

Not much is known about Marcus' past, except that he was born on Tattoine, and was a captive of the Tuskans for captive of the Tuskans for a time, but was adopted into thier tribe. His right arm bears tribal scars and tatoos that were inflicted as part of his initiation into the Tuskan family.

He is a master of fighter based combat, can pilot almost any ship with a high degree of skill, and is a highly capable leader. He is almost always seen in the company of an old R-4 astromech droid nicknamed Whistler.

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