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Our aim is to have information on every game ever created, especially computer games, but not excluding other genres such as board games, card games, and even sports. Our reason for including these other forms of games is that many computer games are often a form of these other kinds of games. For instance, there are many computer and console games about American football and basketball, so why not give them their own sections?


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Mini-wikis currently housed on GameInfo (sorted by creation date):

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Computer and video games


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Physical games

External wikis

These are game-related wikis on Wikia. Some of these could probably be moved to gameinfo.

  • Wikia's Gaming category
  • AliceSoft - English Information on games made by Alice Soft
  • XBox - xbox wikia. very sparse.
  • WarCraft III - Warcraft III wikia. It needs more edits.
  • Counter-Strike - Comprehensive analysis of the weapons.
  • Halo - impressive info on the Halo game
  • Cheatbase - cheat codes for games.
  • RPG Wikia - Pen-and-paper roleplaying games of various game systems
  • .hack - .hack franchise including video games and anime series
  • Chaotic - Expanding info of Chaotic Card Game.
  • Club Penguin - Club Penguin online multiplayer Wikia
  • Command and Conquer - The CnC Wikia
  • Creatures - Creatures Wikia for the artificial life computer program series.
  • Cyber Nations - a nation simulation game built around Google Maps.
  • Dofus - Database for the Dofus class-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
  • Doom Wiki - Wikia for fans of the Doom series.
  • Earthen Ring- Wikia used by the guild Earthen Ring.
  • The Vault - A Fallout wiki - Wikia for the Fallout series
  • Final Fantasy - Encyclopedic listing of the Final Fantasy series.
  • Forgotten Realms - About the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting, books and games
  • Freeciv - Open source turn-based strategy game inspired by Civilization series.
  • Golden Sun Universe - complete with game data and character documentation
  • Grand Theft Auto - Wikia about the GTA games from the late 1990s to the new releases.
  • Guild Wars - Wikia for the online RPG game "Guild Wars".
  • Indie Dreams - Wikia dedicated to independent Dreamcast releases.
  • Kingdom Hearts - Wikia for players of the Kingdom Hearts action/RPG series.
  • Legend of the Five Rings - Wikia for the collectible card game and role-playing game.
  • Mega Man - Wikia for fans of Mega Man to submit fan content.
  • Metal Gear - Wikia about all aspects of Metal Gear
  • MU - MU*Wiki wikia. Devoted to text-based online RPGs.
  • NetHack - Wikia containing all sorts of information about NetHack.
  • OtherVerse - Wikia compendium of information about the text-based online RPGs of
  • Particracy - Wikia for the premium online political sim, Particracy.
  • Pikman - From Olimar to White pikmin, this Wikia has it all.
  • Poker - Contain poker information that regularly discussed at the 2+2 forums.
  • Ratchet and Clank - Wikia for the Ratchet and Clank video games.
  • Runescape - Detailed information on the MMORPG RuneScape.
  • Sonic - Wikia for Sonic the Hedgehog information and news.
  • Star Wars 1 MUSH - Wikia community designed for the popular online game.
  • Star Wars Exodus - Detailed description of the Star Wars: Exodus RPG community.
  • StarCraft - Wikia for the StarCraft real-time strategy game.
  • Thorium Brotherhood - Most popular WoW wiki, for the Thorium Brotherhood Server.
  • The Gaiapedia - Wikia made to document everything about Gaia Online.
  • Zeldapedia - A Wikia project that provides information about The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Traveller - Create an on-line resource for those interested in the game.
  • Ultima 5 Lazarus - Wikia concerned with the remake of Ultima V: The Warriors of Destiny.
  • White Wolf - Compendium of information about White Wolf Publishing, Inc, and its published game settings.
  • Aselia, the Tales wiki - Wikia that provides comprehensive information related to Namco's Tales series.

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