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Welcome to the Unofficial Star Wars Combine Wiki, Also known as the Compedia! You can join us on IRC at #Compedia.

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February 11 - The Compedia has been superseded by The Holocron which now serves as the Star Wars Combine's official In-Character wiki. If you authored existing Compedia articles about characters or events, please migrate those articles to the new wiki. --  Kanos 

May 8 - The Compedia has been moved to a new home. We are currently in the process of porting things over manually. This is to better organize things and make things easier to use. Please help us move articles from this Compedia to the new one! The Wikia hosted compedia will remain and I will still manage things requiring administrator access. --  Bios Element 

February 8 - We're starting a Compedia Improvement drive for the rest of February. Anyone who visists and would like to help out should head into our IRC Channel #Compedia . We'd welcome any help from spell checking and grammar correction to categorising articles or even writing new ones! Bios Element 05:33, 8 February 2009 (UTC)

October 5 - Thanks to Ryan Roche We have a new Compedia Logo! Be sure to thank him for the excellent work. Bios Element 20:17, 5 October 2008 (UTC)

This Month's Selected Quotes

Hal: Syn, if we could figure out why SWC is so addictive, then bottle it and sell it, we'd be rich! I think it defies logic - it just is. Kind of like kittens. There's no logic to them, but every time you turn around, there's one!

Katya: yeah you should tell Teni to not add people to that bounty who don't actually have the cash to pay out a bounty they issue
Elie: lol

Katya: cause if she'll add anyone ill place one on you right now for 100000billion credits

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