Maiestyes Pryvie-Toshikhan

Personal Information
Name: Maiestyes Pryvie Toshikhan
Birth date:
Date of Death:
Home World: Naboo
Species: Anzat
Marital Status: Married
Physical Description
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 125 lbs
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Father: Unknown
  • Donna Pryvie - Deceased
Close Friends:
Spouse: Tovakinpi Toshikhan - Happily


Age: 25


Hair Colour:Brown

Eye Colour:Brown



Family: Maiestyes childhood is hazy, and she barely remembers it, thanks to a crazy Jedi hermit, whom later abandoned her on Anzat, when she was about two. She was then under the care of various foster families, her frustration turning to a rage which they couldn't handle very well.

Maiestyes then stowed away on a ship, and found herself on Naboo, employed as a handmaiden-in-training for Princess Raven, the late Queen Sertai's own daughter, from about age eight, till she turned ten, the queen's death ending Maiestyes's employment as she ran back to Anzat, living on the streets to survive.

Her adaptability and combat training as a handmaiden trainee caught the attention of local Security Forces, when she became sixteen, where she served until she became 21, and was dismissed on account of aiding a pair of NR officers, possing as smugglers on shore leave.

Frustrated and alone, she ran into Sith Lord Darth Coridian, and he furthered her abilities to use weapons.

Maiestyes remained in training for two years, then struck out on her own, becoming a bounty hunter and information broker with poor success, running into debt.

Hearing of Queen Karatae Virooca's elections on Naboo, Maiestyes returned home, quickly becoming one of the Queen's favorite handmaidens in the queen's first couple of months of service, her straitforward and occationally bitter attitude a change from those previously around her.

Maiestyes soon met an officer of the hapan marines (Heyallo Stylez/her first husband). Who took her off the streets, cleaned her up, and recruited her and her abilites to the Hapan Marines and continues her life within the Hapes Consortium.

Maiestyes fell in love with her Co Tovakinpi Toshikhan although frowned upon they were married in April and were blessed on Jan 11th with the arrival of their Daughter Kat'Rien Donna Toshikhan. One year later Maiestyes gave birth to their son Damien Toshikhan. They reside within the walls of the Toshikhan house

After a lengthy career with the Hapan Military and attaining the rank of major, Maiestyes retired and joined the civil service working within the Ministry of Industry as Director of Infrastructure.

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