Magnaguard Manufacturing dates back to the time of the Old Republic. It was originally known as Holowan Laboratories. This droid manufacturing company quickly became the work horse of the Confederacy of Independent systems around the time of the Clone Wars when the Old Republic was threatened by separatist forces. After the defeat of the CIS, the company went through some changes and is now known as Magnaguard, named after the droid they were famous for, the IG-100 Magnaguard droids and the IG-88 assassin droids. Magnaguard now belongs to the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA), and has been growing ever since under the control of the CSA. Magnaguard is located in the Ixtlar system of the Corporate Sector. This system which was once dead is now vibrant with workers, builders and even civilians as droid production faction once again makes its name known throughout the galaxy as the finest producers of droids in the galaxy.

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