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Lyran Seperatists
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Alexander Fel

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Mekum Campbell

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Year 10 Day 84

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Lyran Seperatists

The Lyran Seperatists (LS) are a Royalist separatist movement formed upon the creation of the now defunct Lyran Union puppet state.





The Lyran culture or people existed Pre Republic, tracing its roots to a pre-star faring race of humans on Balfron. It is assumed that these people branched out from Balfron to the surrounding planets and systems, mostly concentrating in the Balfron System. The Lyran Monarchy was established, and ruled much of Dolomar, though inevitably they were forced to flee from their home.

It is believed that a system wide war forced the Lyran people back onto their worlds inhibiting them from further travel beyond Dolomar. When the Republic formed Dolomar's then waning political authority for the Lyran peoples petitioned for membership. In the Republic Lyran culture was slowly suppressed into a dormant and nearly forgotten aspect of society, as people more and more over the generations regarded themselves more as citizens of the republic, and less as Lyrans.

Though there were occasional resurgences the Lyrans found trade and commerce to be fruitful as well as their place in Republic Society secured. When the Empire came to power, the Dolomar sector fell under the Imperial banner, as the republic changed hands. At this time, a large political movement emerged on Balfron, heralding a return to the nationalistic tendencies of their ancestors and the Lyran Culture. This movement was largely ignored by the empire as it was viewed by them as pro Imperial, and to an extent it was.

The Lyran Nationalists largely supported Imperial dominance as a means to rebirth, the Lyran identity inside the Imperial way of life. Ideas such as human centrism and dominance echoed within the Lyran society. Finally powerful elements of the Imperial government and the Lyran Nationalists got together and formulated a hardliner government on Balfron, encompassing much of the old Lyran territories from before the Republic. This government led by a banner of revolution and collectivism attempted to bring Dolomar back under Lyran control. Its name the 'Lyran Union' in the grander scheme of things the Union was rather short lived, as its leader at the time, Alexander Fel attempted to put in place many political reforms that would push the nationalists out of power and restore the Lyran Monarchy, to which he claimed he could tie his lineage too. The Empire removed the reins of power declaring that the Lyrans must become Imperial citizens once again.

Alexander Fel, now more determined than ever to rekindle the Lyran spirit, returned to his people, and led a successful separatist movement on Bomlethain, a movement to restore the Lyran Monarchy, wherever it may be born. With a movement to free Bomlethain underway, the Lyran Separatists boldly step out to fight for their freedom.

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