When originally constructed, the Lucrehulk was not designed for war but for large scale cargo freighters for the commercial fleets of the Trade Federation. At over three kilometers in diameter, the enormous vessels resemble flattened disks with a central sphere containing the ship's bridge and reactor assemblies. The disk is broken at the front of the craft, revealing two mammoth docking bays lined with forward docking claws. When the Neimoidians secretly began building up their armed forces one of their first things they did was to convert their cargo freighters into battleships. The idea behind the design was that instead of putting turbolasers on the large vessel, it would use a large number of heavy lasers canons for anti-starfighter defense. Numerous support craft would escort the Lucrehulk and provide it with the anti-capitalship firepower it would need. Though to some this seems like its biggest weakness, it allows the Lucrehulk to keep its huge hanger bays. These huge hanger bays allow for the Lucrehulks to hold an entire invasion army within its hull.

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