Lord_Arklari : "I r gunna be a sth masta and rlue the galxy"

This was taken out of context, but nevertheless still funny

[21:20:43] <Kris_Tan> What time is it? I have the 9:44 pm here in Venezuela

[21:20:57] <Beowulf_MacCool> 9:20 in Ontario

[21:21:23] <Lord_Arklari> I think your clock is wrong :-P

[21:21:40] <Kris_Tan> Why?

[21:21:40] <Lord_Arklari> Since, iirc, time doesn't vary in 24 minute incriments.

[21:21:48] <Kieran_Traejik> 620 pm west coast time usa

[21:21:58] <Lord_Arklari> I have 9:21 on eastern coast.

[21:22:11] <Kieran_Traejik> just hit 21 lol

[21:22:18] <Jonas> and 7:20 MDST

[21:22:23] <Davin_Pryde> 7:22 mountain

[21:24:39] <Kris_Tan> The most xtreme is the west coast

[21:26:50] <Jonas> nope, Newfoundland.... 1/2 hour out of sync with EVERYBODY

[21:27:05] <Lord_Arklari> Bah!

[21:27:14] <Lord_Arklari> Rebels!

[21:27:40] <Sylis_Farani> Silly GNS post... Teniel is a she.

[21:27:46] <Lord_Arklari> Nuke them and their rebellious-non-gmt-conformitive-left-wing-liberal-pastafarianism-ways!

[21:28:24] <Jonas> ..... PASTAfarianism??

[21:28:39] <Lord_Arklari> Yes, pastafarianism.

[21:29:49] <Lord_Arklari>

[21:30:53] <Lord_Arklari> "...The Pastafarian belief of heaven stresses two points. "A) It has beer volcanos as far as the eye can see & B) It has a stripper factory."[3] "

[21:31:20] <Jonas> well that's the second most ludicrous thing I've seen today

[21:31:32] <Lord_Arklari> What is the first?

[21:31:44] <JackTLadd>

[21:31:52] <Lord_Arklari> :-P

[21:31:53] * JackTLadd eyeshifts

[21:32:11] * Samuel_Flagg slaps JackTLadd

[21:32:14] <Samuel_Flagg> bad Jack

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