Lief Ragnos
Biographical information


Date of birth

Year 6, Day 362

Date of death

Still alive

Physical description





110 cm

Eye color


Political information

New Anzat Order

Early lifeEdit

When he was but a child, his father was killed in a barfight. He never even knew his mother. After spending years living as a street-rat, mainly in the toxic sewers of Grand Dukha City, he got a job in a wealthy Noghri senators house. But bad luck was to strike yet again, for that is when the Clone Wars began.

The Clone WarsEdit

Every able-bodied Noghri was called to take arms against the Republic, but Lief smuggled himself aboard a freighter and joined the Grand Army of the Republic instead. During a mission to the planet Cona, he saved the life of an Arcona known as Izal Treemba. Treemba was grateful to Lief and went back to his life as a smuggler in his home system.

Joining the New Anzat OrderEdit

At war's end, Lief retired to a comfortable home in the outskirts of Grand Dhuka, but he quickly became bored. He yearned for more action in his life, so he decided to try his luck at bounty hunting. He joined the Bounty Hunter's Guild near the end of Year 6 but was pathetic at his new profession. He quit bounty hunting and the Guild and wandered the galaxy looking for a new job. He quickly stumbled upon the New Anzat Order, a steadily growing, ambitious faction. He soon fell in with the NAO ground forces, known as the Guard. When the Guard was restructured, he was placed in the new Army division and in a few weeks became Commander of the 7th Mechanized Company.

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