Lancer-class Frigate


Length 250 m
Hull 1,000
Deflector Shields 1,250
Armament (80) Heavy Lasers
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Lancer Frigate was first proposed, designed and put into service within the fleet of the Galactic Empire after suffering a number of defeats in skirmishes against enemy starfighters. It’s twenty AG-2G quad-laser cannons are finely calibrated specifically for high-speed targets, and they are placed on small towers which allow them a far greater firing arc than normal. The ship excels at its role as an anti-starfighter platform; however it suffers greatly when unsupported against ships carrying turbolasers. Imperial Navy policy originally dictated that the Lancer would remain on the outer perimeter of a fleet. This was changed when enemies began to use capital ships to target and disable the Lancers, giving fighters a chance to safely engage the ships less capable of fending them off. Another unfortunate shortcoming is its sublight speed. Despite being designed to combat fast, small ships, it is too slow to adequately pursue those ships if they are able to gain any sizable lead.

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