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Cloud City

Kyp Black-Granger is a 27 year old human and has black semi-long hair and a goatee; he has blue eyes and pale skin. Kyp often wears a black jumpsuit and black boots and carries a Enforcer blaster.


Kyp Black-Granger was born on the planet Kathol. Kyp is the second child of Anthony Black and Sharna Granger, his parents decided that his surname be the same as his brother Greg Black-Granger.

A few years after Kyp was born, his parents had another child Dan Black-Granger. Seeing as they were close in age Kyp hanged out with Dan a lot. At first when school started Kyp liked it but then began to dislike it as he grew older. When Kyp was 19 he went to work for Kathol Mining Corporation and started to save up credits so he could leave Kathol.

After ChildhoodEdit

Kyp finally had enough credits to hire a transport off Kathol when he was 22. Kyp went to Bespin and found a job working for a transportation company; they supplied him with a ship and paid him a decent salary for each run he made. A few years later he earned enough money and bought his own ship a YT-1210 freighter which had been painted orange. Kyp used his ship to transport things for a few months then quit his job and started to explore taking up small jobs here and there, transporting people or cargo sometimes.

Cloud CityEdit

Kyp then got a job in Cloud City Building Mines and picking up new employees for a few months. He was then betrayed by Orphaea Imperium and executed.

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