Kendall Holm

KendallHolmName: Kendall Holm
Age: 27
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 140lb
Hair: Black
Current Affiliation: Trade Federation Ministry of Defense
Rank: Fleet Commander

Kendall was born in Korrain, Corellia on Day 37 Year 19 BCGT. His Mother is Naomi Holm and Father is Kyle Holm.

Kendall came from a family with a strong Military Background. In his teen years he was bent on becoming a Pilot for the New Republic. His father saw no honor in it so he disowned him saying "No Son of Mine would ever think of Join that scum."

Upset with his fathers decision he left home at the age of 17 hoping to start his career. After having a failed attempt to Join the Republic he was part of a crew that smuggled cargo to and from Kessel to Corellia.
A couple years later he married a woman named Jade Mar. She was a GE commander, which she kept from Kendall fearing he would not react to it too well. She would always tell him she was doing runs of her own and would meet him always away from the GE Fleet.

After the GE found out that she was married to the Infamous Admiral of the "Ghost Fleet" the GE forged a fake transmission from his wife saying she was being attacked by GE over Coruscant in hopes that they would sink both Fleets. GE posted Jade Holm (Jade Mar to the Empire) over Coruscant and had some ships they had confiscated from the Eidola Pirates Attack her. Kendall responded to the call and thought that his wife was in the Pirate ships started attacking the GE ships. When at the end of the battle only one GE flag ship remained but was crippled, Kendall ordered the "Event Horizon" to broad side the flag ship and fire all remaining Diamond Baron Missiles at the Flag ship. Jade Holm not knowing it was her husbands fleet ordered her ship to prepare for broadside and to get ready to fire back. When the Event Horizon was close enough to the GE flag ship, Kendall Ordered the Firing to commence for Broad side. Meanwhile on the GE flag ship Kendall's wife at the last second caught the sun reflecting off the name of the "Event Horizon". Knowing that her ship was finished and had the power to sink the "Event Horizon" as well commanded the crew to stand down and not to return fire. The missiles of the "Event Horizon" tore through the ISD Flag ship breaking it in two. And as the ship sank in to the Atmosphere of the planet she made a final call to "Event Horizon" telling her Husband that she loved him and that she was sorry.

After about another 10 years of running Kendall was returning to Corellia to return to Smuggling after a small Vacation when an unintentional Virus that was created when the Dreadnaughts were first Created ran and infected the "Katana"'s Nav Comp and spread through out the fleet causing all the ships to come out of Hyper in the Maw System. The ships came out of Hyper too close to a black hole and got caught in the Gravity well that the Black Hole Made. Kendall rushed to the Hanger Bay of the Flag Ship "Event Horizon" and since the "BeeBop" was shut down at the time did not get the virus. Kendall started the ship and coms off, escaping barely as the Fleet was pulled in to that black hole.

At the age of 27 he moved to Saigetopia, Corellia on hopes to eventually rebuild the "Ghost Fleet". On arrival at the community Center there he ran in to the Recruitment Posters for Fleet Command for Triumvirate Security Force and applied. His application was excepted on day 160 year 8. He started Training in the academy soon after and was promoted to Ensign on Day 180 Year 8 for outstanding performance. Kendall Left TSF in Day 187 on year 8 for personal Reasons and now is part of the Trade Federation Ministry of Defense. On Year 8 Day 254 he was Promoted to Centurion (Commander) and made the Director of Training while maintaining he presents and duties in the Ministry of Defense.
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