Kel Prospects
General information

Juroden Kel

Historical Information

Year 9 Day 341

Other Information



10,674,510 CPM value



The BeginningEdit

The endeavor known as Kel Prospects appeared in year 9 on the 341st day as the independent trade name of Juroden Kel on the galactic market. It started with a large stock of Vibroblades and a number of store houses dotting the galaxy and has since grown tremendously.

Thus far all trades have gone smoothly as Juroden Kel takes care to keep customers informed as to the status of their order and arranging pick ups at the customer's convenience at the store house that best suits them.

The FutureEdit

Kel Prospects shows no signs of slowing as its current goals are to continue expansion into other items, weapons, ships and vehicles and even the occasional stocks all the while maintaining an flawless trade record and increased customer satisfaction.

Though the ultimate goals of this endeavor are unknown it can be generally considered that trades conducted with Kel are a safe bet when concerning price for product. Just don't ask where it came from.


Discreet TradesEdit

Kel Prospects offers Discreet trades. That is trades that are not recorded on the galactic market. If a buyer wishes to remain anonymous then Kel Prospects is more than happy to oblige.


Kel Prospects offers fencing services. That is where you bring in an item you wish to dispose of with no questions asked and Kel Prospects will do its best to offer you a fair price for your item. With the exception of a small broker fee of course.


Kel prospects takes a unique approach in middling services. Instead of holding onto both items simultaneiously it only plays middle man on trades that it can personally cover. So once the first item is handed over then the payment will be made and then the item purchased from the other party with their own credits. This works in the same way of if you can find a lower price then we will match it and then used the received credits to restock. This is not available in discreet trades or if the seller of the lower priced item is a faction that produces the item.

If a customer requests a middle while dealing with Kel Prospects then they are expected to pay in full the fees required by the middling service. Kel Prospects does not pay to sell.

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