Keir Santage
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Human/Anzat halfbreed




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- Eidola

He of the green cape, Keir Santage was the Combine's first thief, and arguably the finest one ever spawned. His number of victims is close to a thousand, and most veterans in the game have a story about the time Keir Santage managed to trick them in some way...though some of course have amusing tales of him failing to trick them.

Keir Santage was the son of nobility, and a half-breed Anzat. He ran away impetuously as a youth, taking the ship his parents had provided for him to become famous. However, after spending several years working low-end jobs on backwater planets, he was more than content to simply settle down once he found a wife who loved him.

Although his wife's identity remains unknown, it is known that the couple had a daughter several years after their marriage, Teniel Djo. It is unknown whether Djo was the surname of her mother. Keir's wife died of a tropical disease, and grief-stricken, Keir abandoned his young daughter in the care of planetary relief workers, and took his ship back the stars, embarking on his much-lauded life of crime.

Following an attempt to capture the personal sex slave of Gorn Veynom, Keir Santage and his crew fell under attack by Black Sun forces in Nal Hutta. Fleeing the scene in their ships, Finn Setanta was killed while flying close escort in accompanying Y-Wings, Squall Chitose survived by jumping to hyperspace, and Keir Santage's Carrack cruiser was destroyed, killing all those onboard before it could escape into hyperspace.

During his absence, his daughter Teniel Djo has risen to prominence, largely ignoring her father's past as a con artist, and instead focusing on building the Eidola Pirates into a veritable pirate force.

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