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Karl the Wookiee, also known in Galactic Basic as Karl Viemeck, is a legendary Wookiee from Kashyyyk and the son of Brandobacca. Circa Year 9, Karl served as a reporter and journalist in Galaxywide NewsNets.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Karl has brown hair, large bulbous nostrils and puppy-dog eyes. He has long incisors which he keeps filed to sharp points, and snarling pink lips that he frequently licks. He is known to rip off the legs of people who anger him.


Karl the Wookiee (his actual name in Shyriiwook is unpronounceable to humans) was born in the forest city of Shy'Khar on the planet Kashyyyk. His mother was a hair-braider and his father a tinkerer.

Karl's father gave his son his first lessons in technology, setting him on the path of a starship career. Against his mother's wishes, Karl expressed his desire to leave Kashyyyk. The argument ended with Karl's departure, causing a rift that kept them from speaking to each other for eighteen years.

Karl was commissioned as a starship crewman and assigned to a bulk freighter. While serving as a science officer under the command of Captain Ben Fitch, Karl developed psionic disease when their ship encountered a solar plague zone near Endor. As his condition worsened, Karl believed he would become contagious and feared that he would endanger the ship's crew. He advised Fitch to kill him before it was too late, but Fitch chose instead to maroon him on the surface of Xega II.

On Xega II, Karl met a human botanist, Alisa Raomi, who cured his disease. Later, Alisa declared her love for Karl and they overcame the difficulties of their dissimilar genitalia to have a successful union.

Upon his return from Xega II, Fitch appointed Commander Karl as his First Officer. After their six-year mission of exploration was completed, Karl retired from active duty and returned to Kashyyyk. Years later, Karl joined a close friend as the co-pilot of a privately owned vessel. They currently travel the galaxy together and share many adventures.

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