Karl Covert was born at a very young age close to his mother. His Given name was Karloviufthose Bob Covert. He had a rough childhood, it was rocky at best and it was a challenge just to stay alive. Karl is Advozse, a very nomadic race who relied on ther piloting skills to survive. Karl's father won a yt-1210 when Karl was 1, soon after his father had moved the family onto the ship and they were hauling cargo all over the galaxy. At the age of 3 his parents had adopted a young abandoned Twi'Lek they found on Cominor, named Jaiden. At the age 4 his ship was attacked by a pirate ship. Karl's father was able to drive them off, at the cost of them taking there beloved Jaiden. Unfortunately they sustained major damage to the engines. In a repair attempt both his parents were killed. the coolant hoses blew out, flash freezing them both. Karl was stranded on the family freighter. The ship floated dead in space for 3 days until a group of Gand Findsmen found his family's ship. Thinking they could recover the salvage they towed the small ship into there cargo bay. After about on hour of stripping the ship they found Karl. Soon after they found the ramains of his parents. Knowing he was all alone they took him in and treated them like ther own. For 12 years Karl was raised by these gand. They tought him how to fly, repair ships, and anything else they knew. When Karl turned 16 the gand sent him away, as was the custom of the gand people to make the child find honor on his own. Karl was left on the planet Riflor. From there he began his journey... Not long after he found himself in love with Plagus Divisus and they spent many happy months together. Unfortulatly Karl's wife was not the person he knew he was to spend his life with. So due to there failing love, Karl divorsed his wife Plagus Divisus, and goes off to find his future... Thank the stars! Karl has just found his long lost sister Jaiden Covert!

Though it is strange for him Karl has allowed long time friend Vash Reckless to court his sister Jaiden.

Karl Covert is now the Co-President of NatCov Transport a growing group with a bright future. Karl is also a good friend and confidant of Nwabudike Morgan. He is currently serving as Mr. Morgan's personal assistant for the Citadel Station administration. Unfortunately after Mr. Morgan's disappearance Karl decided to leave Citadel Station.

After some long talks with House Kun, Karl was adopted by Syphon Kun and taken in as a member of the family. His name was legally changed and he is now a member of the Kathol Republic & its affiliates.

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