• [11:25:42pm] <KK> Sylis
  • [11:25:46pm] <KK> you hame me proud
  • [11:25:49pm] <KK> make*
  • [11:26:42pm] <Sylis_Farani> ... What did I do this time?
  • [11:26:57pm] <KK> its hard
  • [11:27:04pm] <Sylis_Farani> O_O

  • Fuzzy is now known as Fuzzy[pillow]
  • Karl|Food kicks fuzzy in the pillow
  • Lt_Donau savagely beats Karl with a stick
  • Karl|Food likes it
  • Fuzzy[pillow] hands Stros his Bothan Stun Stick
  • Lt_Donau beats Karl with his Stun Stick

<Karl|Food> darn

  • Karl|Food is stunned
  • Lt_Donau then drags Karl into Ness' pants

<Karl|Food> ooh, nice and warm...

[04:06] <Karl_Covert> you bloody know that LP's have no guns right? [04:06] <Mitzey> These are Y-wing [04:06] <Mitzey> :P [04:06] <Karl_Covert> that isnt an LP [04:06] <Mitzey> and i havent got LP's [04:06] <Mitzey> :| [04:07] <Karl_Covert> ...dang recharge... [04:07] <Mitzey> where you go? [04:07] <Karl_Covert> to recharge guns [04:07] <Mitzey> Wimp [04:08] <Mitzey> >_> [04:08] <Karl_Covert> why fight a war without guns?

[04:10] <Karl_Covert> you bloody disabled me [04:10] <Mitzey> :D [04:10] <Karl_Covert> kill me so I can respawn [04:10] <Mitzey> can you fire? [04:10] <Karl_Covert> no [04:10] <Mitzey> WOOT! [04:10] <Mitzey> im good [04:10] <Mitzey> :D [04:10] <Karl_Covert> acclamator time [04:10] <Mitzey> i have to wait for weapons to recharge [04:10] <Mitzey> NOES [04:10] <Mitzey> DONT! [04:10] <Karl_Covert> then kill me fast!

[10:12] * SLT_Vash_Reckless scraps the plans of getting Karl a Lictor [10:12] * Karl_Covert ops Vash [10:13] <Karl_Covert> dungion ship [10:13] <Karl_Covert> I like it [10:14] <Karl_Covert> kinda kinky [10:15] <Karl_Covert> take Kait for a spin and we play jail master and prisioner...

[23:27:55] [Baron_Kitono] the cool new thing is to send DMs in the form of one credit and the message in the provided slot

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