Kalythyyan Knife Fighting is an illegal sport conducted in the underground on several worlds. Whilst the name also refers to the knife fighting style, it is often more widely adopted for secret tournaments than personal challenges or grudge fights. There are a variety of different rules pertaining to the type of tournament. The most widely adopted standard is that each tournament round is limited to 5 minutes and a match consists of 3 rounds. In order to win, a tournament entrant either has to either kill their opponent or draw more blood from that opponent than is drawn from them. In the latter scenario, it is often not uncommon for inexperienced fighters to die from their blood wounds. In other tournaments, murders may be frowned upon, and the skill pertains solely to the ability of the fighter to draw the most blood without murdering their opponent. These are referred to as amortum duels. At the other end of the spectrum is the death match. In order for a death match to occur, one of the fighters approving the match must have gained some prestige with the tournament authorities. These are rare, have no time constraints, and are set on the notion that one of the fighters must die.

The technique is commonly referred to as Echani with knifes. However, this is a common misrepresentation due to the nature of Echani combat being primarily an unarmed activity. That said, the prepared stance of a proficient Kalythyyan Knife Fighter is a mirror image of the prepared stance of the Echani, except where the elevated hand grips a dagger. This is in fact usually the fall back stance. The galactic standard is that blades tips much touch at the start of each round. This ensures that fighters cannot move too far away from each other and reduce the dramatic experience of the spectacle.

Often tournaments are fought in cages to ensure the safety of patrons. Due to the fact that round challenges, especially in the earlier rounds, often result in death, the sport is often very lucrative, with successful tournament fighters often walking away multi-millionaires.


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