Kaia Vargo
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5 ft 2 in

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short, balck

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Rob Jstar

Kaia Vargo is a Nikto female, who is currently working for Rob Jstar as his personal bodyguard.


Kaia Vargo is a Kintan Nikto of average height, when people see her the first things that they notice are her built and indigo eyes. Being away from the planet working for many has given her built of a human man. When she works however Kaia dons the job with ease and brute force. Her indigo eyes show determination while in combat. she also has weapon combat training so when she has to use a weapon she has the training to do so.


Why she so ToughEdit

Kaia Vargo was born on the Kintin in the Si`Klaata Cluster system. she grew up as a street child with no parents that's why she so tough, while believing that a future for her was never going to happen she decided to join local gangs until she meet a traveler and worked for him as a bodyguard.

Trianing Edit

Her life changed while with this trader he put her though many training courses so she could become more stronger to protect him. Until on her day off and a new bodyguard's shift he was attacked a killed, she went for revenge a killed the killer and started taking bounty contracts.

The New Life Edit

Kaia Vargo life change when a new job turned up when she was in the local tavern and took it. Soon she has been working for many people like Jenver Walker and currently Rob Jstar While doing various jobs she gained new experience in many new fields to protect her new Master.

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