Syn's Quote DB Edit

[05:53:01] Varsch: Torve, what faction are you in?

[05:53:16] Torve_Espion: Core

[05:53:18] Torve_Espion: You?

[05:53:22] Varsch: Core

[05:53:31] Torve_Espion: Ah

[05:53:33] Torve_Espion: Thought so

[05:53:33] Varsch: Hooper, you're Core too?

[05:54:24] Kahooperukh: yes i am

[05:54:33] Varsch: we're all Core here then.

[05:54:45] * Torve_Espion looks at the sleeping Imperial

[05:55:03] Varsch: Syn...

[05:55:23] Kahooperukh: booting time

[05:55:30] Kahooperukh: hmm...

[05:55:33] Torve_Espion: go ahead

[05:55:34] Kahooperukh: better idea

[05:56:01] * Kahooperukh walks up to `SyN` and draws funny pictures on him

[05:56:08] Torve_Espion: its a her you knob

[05:56:30] Torve_Espion: blind Noghri

[05:56:32] Kahooperukh: really?!

[05:56:35] Torve_Espion: cant tell a male from a female

[05:56:39] Kahooperukh: smelt like a he

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