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Juno Xaed was a member of the Raptor Pirates circa Year 2. Later, in the first quarter of Year 3, Xaed became the earliest known leader of Infinite Dark,[1] a defunct smuggler faction in the Star Wars Combine. After four months, Xaed was replaced as leader by Kam Farlight.[2]


Juno Xaed is a human born on Tatooine. Like many other humans in the galaxy, he had his share of hardships in life. Due to his charismatic nature and intimate knowledge of the criminal underworld, Juno was employed for many years as a negotiator for the Hutt crime family on Tatooine. Over the years, from just being around the vile cohorts of a syndicate such as the Hutts, Juno was able to develop his skills in various weaponry and ship piloting... He also learned the finer points of smuggling and Imperial avoidance. Now in his late twenties, after almost a decade of working for the Hutts, Juno amassed enough credits to leave Tatooine and explore the galaxy that surrounds him. Things look bright for Juno. Along with his small savings he brings his undaunted tenacity as he departs the cosmic dustball known as Tatooine in his transport to see what is to come in the fathomless depths of space.[3]

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