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[20:59:07] Jonas: Doesn't it snow in Austrailia?

[21:00:06] Captain_Falcon: mmmmmmm yeah i always thought it is a land with many high mountains

[21:00:20] Jonas: You need mountains to have snow?

[21:00:31] Captain_Falcon: yeah

[21:00:36] Jonas: Why?

[21:00:40] Captain_Falcon: because it is like you make a cake

[21:01:02] Jonas: Ok, congratulations on confusing the feck out of me.. I've got no idea what you're talking about

[21:01:17] Captain_Falcon: i also not

[21:02:45] Jonas: And here I thought I understood a few things about weather.. what is this newfangled form of meteorology you speak of?

[21:03:17] Captain_Falcon: well i go tomorow to the beach

[21:03:31] Jonas: Good for the beach.. I hope it doesn't snow on ya

[21:03:33] Captain_Falcon: i only must find a beach in Austria

[21:03:59] Jonas: Now we're talking about Austria.. shite, nevermind.. you win

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