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Maxime "Jodo Kast" Robbe was a Belgian player in the Star Wars Combine, and was CO of the Imperial Core War College circa Year 3. While serving in the Imperial Core, Kast held the rank of Commandant General.[1]


The career of Jodo Kast took its first major climb up the ladder of success when he joined the 33rd Recon Unit with the Galactic Empire. He was diligent, trustworthy, and dependable. The Empire soon recognized the skills he possessed could be used in another division. They offered him the position as assistant in the Imperial Naval Academy, which he accepted. Here he thrived and blossomed, building the Tutoring Program that is still in use today.[1]

But all was not well. His new elevated position showed him new aspects of the Empire he did not like, things he was helpless to change. And he was not alone. Many officers and ranking members felt the same way he did. When a group broke away from the Empire and formed the Imperial Core, he went with them. He was offered a position as Head of the Imperial Core War College, which he accepted. He was given the freedom to construct more than just a training center. Kast is somewhat of a visionary; something the Core is finding much to their advantage.[1]

Count Uebles encouraged Kast to fulfill his plans and dreams into fruition. Through this, what was a simple soldier has emerged as one of the most valuable assets the Core has. Kast is more than a warrior, but a scholar, mentor, teacher and has un-imperial views on aliens. Knowing the knowledge that different races have, he simply does not agree that they are less, simply because of race. Kast has made some fine friendships, one being that of Homtelium, a Core Librarian. Kast requested Homtelium be transferred to his War Academy, knowing the position as Librarian would be something he would build into a valuable database of information. Homtelium and Kast are now inseparable, working together to build the Core and prepare it for when they retake power, and return as the true Imperial Government.[1]

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