Jesfa Ackmin
Biographical information

Mon Calamari

Date of death

Year 9, Day 218

Physical description

Mon Calamari



Eye color


Political information

Known lord of Calaron, Admiral of the once might/now non-existent Safe Haven fleet of the Shadowbane Syndicate, High Minister of the Oboa-Skaii system, and Lord of the Droid Horde, Jesfa has had his fins in nearly every known Government, and a few unknown.

Early DaysEdit

Starting his career in the notorious Eidola Pirates, Jesfa strived to become the first Mon Calamari trader in Eidola, upon joining, Teniel Djo decided to have a contest of sorts, both Jesfa Ackmin and Slogga Ajoulic were two new recruits, whoever was deemed the better pirate of the two by the end of 3 months, was welcomed with open arms. Jesfa unfortunately was not so fortunate. Upon being robbed and nearly killed by Eidola, Jesfa fled to Sorosuub.

At Sorosuub, he was there for just barely a few months, before they too tried to have him executed. On the run from two of the largest governments, he fled to the Economical power known as Corporate Sector Authority. Upon joining, Jesfa became the second in command of Primus Medical after only a few days, and three months later, he gained leadership of the medical company. During those three months however he took a brief vacation and led Shadowrunners for a few hours of his life. However, when it came time to lead Primus, Jesfa had already had a new plan in the works. With his partner Tianlord Preston, Jesfa formed the Droid company, Magnaguard Manufacturing, creators of the mighty Destroyer Droid. After a "fallout" with CSA, Jesfa left Magnaguard in control of CSA, and decided he wasn't done with the droid scene, he went on to purchase Cerberus Corporation. After allying CC with the famed GSC, Jesfa led the faction for a few months before leaving the Kathol friendly faction, to head to his friends and allies in the Antarian Rangers.

After only a few weeks of Ranger duty, Jesfa became bored extremely quickly, and jumped at the chance to buy Storm Securities when Sorosuub found they were done with it.

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