Jeroen Veers
Jeroen Veers
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Jeroen Veers is an admiral in the Corporate Sector Authority and a former Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order.


Jeroen Veers was raised in the lower class of Corellia. As a young child, his life was always rough but he dreamed of one day exploring the stars. This dream brought him to serve with the Galactic Empire at a young age where he could be around stars all he wanted.

After several years of service he reached the rank of lieutenant and a position within his Fleet Command. However, a great upheaval occurred within the Empire and he chose to move on.

His path soon led him to the New Anzat Order (NAO). The leaders of the NAO soon saw his military prowess and he quickly rose to the rank of Admiral and Commander of the Anzatan Navy.

After a brief stint as Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order, Veers quickly realized that a civil post was not for him and he moved on to other prospects. However, civilian life quickly turned to boredom and he has made his way back to the military, this time with the Corporate Sector Authority.

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New Anzat Order
Preceded by
Tigris Ninx
Prime Minister
Year 4
Succeeded by
Malakai Brooks
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