Jennos Ackbar
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Mon Calamari

Date of birth

Year -26 Day 129

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Mon Calamari





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Political information

Jennos Ackbar is a typically military figure, although he is gradually coming to learn about the political side of government.


Growing up on Mon Calamari, Jennos Ackbar was born of poor philanthropists. He often found himself bored with Mon Cal pass times, instead he taught himself in astronavigation, starfighter and capital ship tactics. His family discourage him from such ventures, instead trying to direct him into a sensible, safe career. For this, Jennos has always resented his parents, though he misses them greatly.

He finally realised his dreams and left Mon Calamari at 27 after graduating from the Calamari Institute of Engineering with degrees in Naval and Aeronautical Engineering. He joined StarVengers as a pilot and was soon assigned as a capital ship pilot, rising through the ranks to be named Admiral of the Fleet shortly before the group was disbanded.

Falleen FederationEdit

From there, Jennos followed a good friend of his, Slip Stream, to the Falleen Federation where he served as a capital ship pilot with distinction. He flew a minor role in Operation Shadowstone and was lucky to survive.

With the death of King Eldrik Kuraine, Jennos took a sabbatical from the Federation Military, but returned as a Commodore and was integral in the founding of the Federation's two new fleets, taking command of one along with a promotion to Vice Admiral.

Jennos remained a Vice Admiral for years, serving his duty uninterrupted bar a short stint with Falleen Federation ally, Triumvirate Security Force as an advisor.

Current ActionsEdit

Jennos is currently between jobs in the Federation, having retired from military service. He remains loyal to the King and Federation as always.


StarVengers NavyEdit

  • Admiral

Falleen Federation NavyEdit

  • Vice Admiral
  • Director

Clan FeleosEdit

  • Ta-Shir


StarVengers NavyEdit

  • Admiral of the Fleet

Falleen Federation NavyEdit

  • Navy XO
  • RDF CO
  • MAF XO
  • Quartermaster

Falleen FederationEdit

  • Secretary of Finance
  • Director of Falleen Intelligence Bureau


"Being a Mon Cal didn't get me into trouble with the Empire, destroying their ships worked a treat though!"

"Since they [The Empire] slapped a Bounty on my head, I thought I'd better actually do something to earn it."

"I never run into trouble with the Empire anymore, they're all scared of me. No, sorry, it's actually because they're powerless to do anything."

"Yeah, I joined the Empire in the beginning. Wanted to be a pilot, but they wouldn't let me. What gave me away? Dunno, maybe the gills?"

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