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Annette "Jennifer Dreighton" Pohlke is a Game Design Administrator in the Star Wars Combine and, more so than any other individual, she has been a key promoter of the simulation. Dreighton has operated a "Combine information booth" at numerous Star Wars conventions and is currently advertising the simulation in Second Life.

Before the creation of the Star Wars Combine, Dreighton was a member of the now-defunct "Star Wars Sim" (SWSim) in October 1997. When the SWSim was closed, she was among those who migrated to a new simulation entitled the "Star Wars Combine" created by Sim Master Fizzban.

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Dreighton was a high-ranking officer in the Galactic Empire during its "golden age" under Emperor Piett. When Piett abdicated and Emperor Trey Connel succeeded him, Dreigton departed the faction and, in collaboration with Admiral Simms, founded the Imperial Core. The Core was a separatist movement composed of Imperial officers who objected to the rule of Emperor Connel. These officers believed that Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom was the true leader of the Galactic Empire and that Connel had usurped the Imperial throne.

Initially, Dreighton was the Commander of the Army in the Imperial Core; however, on Year 2 Day 329, she was later elevated to the rank of Lady Protector and ruled as leader of the faction. When the Imperial Core merged with Vodo Bonias' followers to form the Dark Empire, Dreighton served on its command staff. Months later, on Year 3 Day 290, the Dark Empire merged with the Galactic Empire.

During the reign of Emperor Charon, Dreighton served in the Imperial High Command as commander of the Dark Hand Fleet. Her arrest for a protocol violation was a key factor in the overthrow of Charon and the rise of Emperor Greyson Uebles.

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