The Jedi Praxium was a collective organization of non force sensitives and force sensitive beings devoted to the light side.


"A millenia ago, the discovery of hyperspace travel brought the galaxy together, giving birth to a democratic union of star systems known as the Galactic Republic. However those times are in the past, the Republic as it was, no longer exists, it had been engulfed by the dark times.

With the reestablishment of the arcane order of the Sith and the instauration of several governments the galaxy became no longer a safe place. Unrest was growing side to side with the Dark Side. War was upon us, different sides, different ideas but a single interest: power and domination. But like a pheonix, from the ashes of the Old Republic an idealist group, based on loyalty, was born to try to restore peace and order to the beings of the galaxy. This group is the Jedi Praxium.

The purpose of the Jedi Praxium is to restore the Old Republic to full dignity and respect, removing the corrupted Empire and its evil, dark pundits by all means necessary within the boundaries of their three principles: Peace. Knowledge and Justice. Soon hundreds of people search refugee and called the members of the Jedi Praxium the "Defenders of peace, knowledge and Justice". Bounds of blood were made and new destiny for the entire galaxy was forged. However there was a plot to destroy it - unfortunatelly it succeeded.

Today the Praxium is a loose order of brave men and women preparing for the cold shadows..."[1]

Previous LeadershipEdit

XX XXXX Foundation

XX XXXX - 03 2003 Arch Chancellor Orion Silverhelm - Golden Days Part I

03 2003 - 05 2003 Chancellor Felix - Imperial Aide

05 2003 - 08 2004 Chancellor Reajiad Nero - Brotherhood of the Sand

08 2004 - 11 2004 Chancellor Jake Azzameen - Golden Days Part II

11 2004 - 11 2004 Chancellor Reajiad Nero - Intermezzo

11 2004 - 01 2005 Chancellor Vel Koon - Triad of the Light

01 2005 - 06 2005 Chancellor Andy Skyfighter - New Order

06 2005 - 06 2005 Master Kal Fisto - The Plot

06 2005 Dissolution as CMG on Y6D205

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