Personal Information
Name: Javon Calton
Birth: ---
Home World: Kathol
Species: Human
Marital Status: Married
Physical Description
Height: 1.81m
Weight: 165 lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Father: Stele Calton
Mother: Jeva Calton
Half-Brother: Yivan Brusque {Half-Brother}
Brother: Jevan Calton
Spouse: Adri`ana Salvatore
Firespray class Freighter: Firehawk
First Mate: Arvis Nivax - Cathar
Medical Officer: Celessa Handel - Kaminoan
Personal Relations Officer: Ashaiya Morrow - Zeltron
Pilot: Zeth Magre - Chiss
Phoenix Division Commander: Astrid Rueb - Kiffar
Firehawk Electronics Operations Officer: Damian Mills - Falleen

When We Were YoungEdit

  • Childhood - Sabres*

Running With Sharp ObjectsEdit

  • Sabres - Betrayal*

One Man Left BehindEdit

  • Raful - Duel*

Never Forget Your FirstEdit

  • Duel - End (12)*

Mommy, I Wanna Go FastEdit

  • Hawks Battle 1&2 - End (14)

Names And FacesEdit

  • Information - KO (16)*

A Brand New WorldEdit

  • Amnesia - Katholian Libraries*

The CerbSec YearsEdit

  • CerbSec - The Great Divide*

They Came Through The DarknessEdit

  • CerbSec Scanning Assignments - Year in Space (Empire Attack)*
Band of BrothersEdit
  • Reunited with Jevan, the Adopted One*

Alpha Squad, Move OutEdit

  • First Commission/Lieutenant - Sergeant*

The SargeEdit

  • Alpha + Beta - XO*

Leading From Rungs BelowEdit

  • XO - Katholian Split*

Parting The Red SeaEdit

  • The Troubles - The Choice*

Divided LoyalitiesEdit

  • Hunter and Auron*


  • Merchant Marines/Anzatan Militia - ExOps*

Confidential: For Your Eyes OnlyEdit

  • ExOps - Cerberus Leadership*

Crackers Don't MatterEdit

  • Meeting Ridgeway*

Put The Lime in the Light, You NutEdit

  • Cerberus Leadership - Stepping Down*

One Beautiful WomanEdit

  • Adri`ana - present*
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