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Jathen Moors was a promising young recruit from the Imperial Academy on Carida. After being selected for duty as a pilot he quickly distinguished himself with his incredible fighter piloting skills. After his twelth successful mission he was named to the 181st TIE Interceptor Squadron. After the defection of Baron Fel, Jathen Moors was raised to the rank of lieutenant and became a leader in the squadron who was looked up to by even the members older than himself. After 3 years of distinguished service, Jathen was given a transfer to Onyx Squadron, an elite squadron composed of TIE Defenders, the most deadly starfighter ever developed. Because of the prohibitive cost associated with the production of the advanced fighters, only the very best imperial pilots were chosen to be part of the program. One of the first missions, and it's tragic last, was the battle of Endor. Jathen, seeing the loss of the Executor, used the experimental hyperdrive being tested in his fighter to leap to hyperspace and escape moments before a Star Destroyer above him was bombarded by a group of B-Wings, exploding in a gigantic fireball. After recuperating from the psychological damage of seeing the institution he had given and sacrificed so much for, he began looking through the imperial database at the private 181st base that he had found. In the database he found a file marked private and with heavy encryption. He broke through the passwords and found that one of the members of the squadron had been having serious misgivings about the empire. The file contained hundreds of account of imperial brutality and mass murder. He realized that the Empire had not stood for proper values but for domination and brute force. Jathen broke all ties to the empire. He realized that with the bad feelings toward the empire which would now be rampant, His TIE Defender was no longer the safest means of transportation. To that end, he found a friend who would give him rent for the use of his advanced fighter. At the moment, Jathen is working for D`Este Realty as a means to assembling the resources he needs to become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.


Mandalorian Armour (Orange and Black)
Westar Blasters
Mandalorian Helmet
Quasar-Class Cruiser 'Corusca Blade'
TIE Defender 'Saberdart'
Holonet Tranciever


  • Partially Natural
  • Partially Miniature repulsors built into armour
Sensors in Helmet
Expert Marksman
Master of Teras Kasi
Mastered Vaapad from Holocron
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