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Jarol Eisan is a Corellian Bounty Hunter Currently working in the Bounty Hunters Guild


Jarol was born on Corellia, however for unknown reason his parents moved to Mandalore. At the age of five Jarol witnessed his parents shot down by a Cerean Bounty Hunter. Jarol was taken in by a Mandalorian Couple. He learned their culture and ways, including combat. But as he grew up he became more and more secluded and distant from his foster parents.


Jarol grew strong, Donning his own armor painted in a red and black design, with the Jumpsuit underneath a dark gray. As a Corellian he had that adventurous trait and soon left the planet of Mandalore. Jarol first went to Tatooine, he grew into the habit of never taking his helmet off in public. A Rodian crime boss mistook Jarol as a bounty hunter, as many mandalorians became. He offered him a job, which left Jarol insulted at first, taking him back to the murder of his parents, but he was broke and in need of the credits. He performed the job flawlessly and the Rodian recruited him for more and more work. However the Rodian was a arrogant and rude person, and a infamous criminal, which led to Jarol killing him during a final transaction, and taking the bounty placed on him by the authorities. Jarol started doing freelance work, for the most part tracking down criminals, a chase led him back to Corellia, a place he had not been since he moved away. he decided to stay a while, but he was not making the money he used to for bounties, he knew if he were to survive in this tough world, he would need to get some allies. Jarol made failed attempts at joining other factions before finding the Bounty Hunters Guild He now works as a Pilot transporting goods across the galaxy, waiting for his next contract.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jarol is a quiet ill spoken person, He tends to never remove any part of his armor in public. He admires anyone he considers a true warrior and has a high respect for the Jedi. While he is obedient and can put up with much, he is not one to be rude with unless you are certain that your usefulness will never end.


R2 Astromech


  • R2-J5-Jarol's personal R2 series astromech droid.

Personal ArmamentEdit

  • DY-225 Blaster Rifle
    DY 225

    A DY-225 Blaster Rifle

  • Knife
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