#SWC-Members Edit

[Join-#swc-members] Keir (~Yehoshua@SWC-IRC.3FF3EEC8F21D33.SWC) (Unknown/Normal)

[Mode-#swc-members] ChanServ +v Keir

@JackTLadd : Keir Santage, Keir Santage, Riding through the glen! Keir Santage, Keir Santage, With his band of men! Feared by the rich, loved by the stars, Keir Santage! Keir Santage! Keir Santage!

[17:31:56] [Join-#swc-members] Veynom (~Veynom@SWC-IRC.E785FA8A19D85.SWC) (Unknown/Normal)

[17:31:56] [Mode-#swc-members] ChanServ +o Veynom

[17:31:57] @JackTLadd : No! *I'M* the Sim master and so's my wife!

[23:17:46] @JackTLadd : Dirk

[23:17:54] @JackTLadd : Idiocy is bannable

[23:18:05] Dirk : youd have to ban everyone

[23:18:10] @JackTLadd : nah

[23:18:18] @JackTLadd : some are clever enough to not type

[23:18:27] Dirk : touche

[23:18:27] Rostar : and to not admit it

[23:18:35] Squall_Chitose : ASA!

[23:18:36] @JackTLadd : that too ^_^

[23:18:40] @JackTLadd gives Asa|NotHere a hug!

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