Isabella D`Este
Isabella D`Este
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Isabella D`Este was the titular head of the House of Este and the founder of D`Este Realty. She was the sister of the late Dylan D`este and the operator of Javyar's Cantina owned by Talon Xor. At the height of her career, she amassed a vast fortune in Imperial credits. Upon her retirement, her brother Dylan assumed control over her wealth and real estate enterprise.


I started working in the Trade Federation several years ago, in a small administrative office in Varn where the worker's efficiency was decaying. The solution was simple: I fired all of the workers and replace them with very hard working droids, that do not eat, never want to rest, and most important: they never complain. Profits from that office skyrocketed to a 170% increase in just one month. After that, I was transferred to other planets, always looking to improve efficiency and profits at any costs. Every time succeeding.

At one point, some people said to me that money can't buy happiness. What did I do? I bought those people and put them to work in a durelium mine. Now who's happy?

I have come to the Central Government to be in charge of Recruitment. If you are an honest, hard working employee, but above all, efficient, you will not be replaced by a B-234 Working Droid.

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