Industrial Automaton is a droid producing faction. Based on Rodia, Industrial Automaton is one of the galaxy's biggest droid producing factions. Industrial Automaton is the creator of the R series astromechs. It is currently led by Vorgar Deval.


Industrial Automation (IA) is one of the oldest droid producers in the galaxy and has developed an expertise for its business. We proudly look back on a long history. After the Galactic Empire gained control over IA, the factories were mainly used to produce weapons and IA decided to join the Rebel Alliance.

Under the ownership of the New Republic, IA has continued to grow steadily and provides the Alliance and their allies with first class droids as well as selling their products to neutral groups.

To maintain this position Industrial Automation is always looking for dedicated workers in many areas. Managers, organizing the complex enterprise, pilots, making sure supplies are available and the precious cargo is delivered safely, builders, developing a good infrastructure, and security personnel, making undisturbed work for the others possible, equally contribute to IA's success. If YOU are interested in a career with nice possibilities and a comfortable working climate you should apply to Industrial Automation.

Industrial Automation offers a broad range of droids: Astromechs - among them the very popular R2 series and the R5, specifically designed for the Alliance - and ASP worker droids to get your factory work done. For detailed descriptions of our products and to submit orders visit our holosite.

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