Inara Imperium
Biographical Information
House House Imperium
Spouse Single
Children Lucian Imperium
Father N/A
Mother N/A

Orphaea Imperium
Actrial Imperium
Melkhior Imperium
Artemis Imperium

Born Year -18 Day 160
Birthplace Hapes
Species Hapan
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Current Service Hapes Consortium
Current Rank/Position TBA
Historical Information
Prior Relationships Draith Shadux (Divorced)
Prior Service

Galactic Empire
Falleen Federation

Prior Ranks/Positions

Captain - 1st Legion CO (GE)
Acting Lieutenant - 4th Brig. CO (FF)

Awards Imperial:
DIS3 - DB2 - IER - FoM2 - 4IFRV - IAHG - ICR - BCO - OCSH - TPBA - LCA - 1ILC

Military History Edit

Inara Imperium was born within the Hapes Cluster Year -18 Day 160. Athough her original plans were to join the Hapan armed forces, her brother, Orphaea Imperium, asked her to join the Galactic Empire. Since she had very little family, she chose to follow him.

Imperial ServiceEdit

Y8D258 Joined the Galactic Empire

Y8D260 Graduated the Imperial Academy with Honors

Y8D263 Transferred to Navy, 4th Imperial Fleet, Beta Group

Y8D304 Promoted to Flight Corporal by Mo`Rak Stice
GE Inara

Y9D3 Promoted to Flight Sergeant by Mo`Rak Stice

Y9D37 Promoted to Staff Flight Sergeant by Mo`Rak Stice

Y9D155 Promoted to Master Flight Sergeant by Igneus Esh

Y9D267 Promoted to Chief Master Sergeant by Igneus Esh

Y9D340 Promoted to Flight Officer by Califf D`Troit

Y10D17 Transferred to Army

Y10D34 Promoted to Command Sergeant by Elysia Dragonsky

Y10D151 Promoted to 1st Lieutenant by Ralkata Tyrran

Y10D199 Promoted to Captain by Barcara Kex

Y10D201 Appointed CO of the 1st Imperial Legion

Y11D0 Demoted to 2nd Lieutenant by Goth Acturus

Y11D0 Demoted to Command Sergeant by Graeda L`Annan

Y11D0 Removed as CO of the 1st Imperial Legion

Inara signed up for the Imperial Navy and served in the 4th Fleet under LTCMDR Igneus Esh for 18 months, through most of her enlisted career, until he retired. Noting that her career was going to change with a new CO, she heeded the call of the Navy Commanding Officer that the Imperial Army was short of staff and offered to transfer. She was deployed to the 1st Imperial Legion and served under MAJ Ralkata Tyrran for just under 6 months. It was during this time Inara was admitted to the School of Officer and Command Studies (SOCS) and after an arduous amount of training received her commission in the Imperial Army. Soon after this, she became XO and then CO of the 1st Imperial Legion. Inara commanded the Legion for just under a year, through several missions, most notable the Bastion Project, Operation Mad Hatter and Operation Consolidation. The Legion was marked as the unit with the fastest reaction time within the Imperial Defence Force and commended by the Ministers and Moffs they were ordered to serve and defend.

Unfortunately, as tends to happen to all good things, the "good times" came to an end. The Army CO, Inara's commanding officer during this time, BGEN Bacara Kex, stepped dow. His replacement was COL Graeda L'Annan. It was her decision to drive the Army in new directions, for better or worse, she chose to change the process of command in the Army and wished to replace Inara as leader of the 1st legion. After a lengthy and exclusive service within the Empire, Inara found herself expelled and alone.


The Immortals that disagreed with the new ACOs decision, from left-to-right: Straus Doakes, Vladimar Van Valdimir, Petrov Kazlov, Inara Imperium, Victor Hannawald, Droch Marius, Zane Cree

Falleen Federation ServiceEdit

Y11D10 Joined the Falleen Federation

Y11D10 Promoted to Acting Lieutenant by Xias

Hapes ServiceEdit

Y11 D126 Joined Hapes

Personal HistoryEdit

The ImperiumsEdit

Her family is one that ebbs and flows throughout the galaxy. As a byproduct of an abandoned cloning experiment, its hard to tell exactly how many Imperiums might be in the galaxy. To date 6 Imperiums have been uncovered: Actrial, Artemis, Melkhior, Inara, Orphaea and Cyrus Minx.

The Dojo/Karon's SlaughterhouseEdit

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Inara was a regular patron of the Imperial Dojo and the less formal Karon's Slaughterhouse. Almost daily she could be spotted testing her skills against the droids or more frequently Jason Con, Riles Cole (dec.) or Karon Alfan (dec.). It was here that she met her future husband, Lord Draith Shadux. He often refereed the sparring matches and ended them if became excessively dangerous.

Marriage to Draith Shadux, Year 10 Day 218Edit

Inara Imperium was married to Draith Shadux on Y10 D218 on Selonia. Her brother, Orphaea Imperium, wallked her down the aisle and the couples closest friends witnessed their union.
Wedding party3

Bridal Party: Inwe Ventidius, Inara Imperium, Draith Shadux, Mikel von Bianchi

Birth of Lucian Imperium, Year 10 Day 356Edit


Lucian and Inara Imperium

Inara gave birth to a son, Lucian, after Draith and her became estranged. Her fiancee, Alexander von Ismay, offered to adopt her son, but when the relationship failed, Inara decided to raise Lucian on her own. Lucian is her one weakness, often bringing out her softer side. Kept on the Excelsis Deo, Inara hires the best nannys and help to care for him while she is on duty.

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