Personal Information
Leadership: Navy High Command
Formation: Unknown circa Year -4
Headquarters: Kuat
Locations: Galaxy-wide
Status: Active

The Imperial Navy is the sword and shield of the Galactic Empire. Whether it is the defence of Imperial space, an aggressive raid on the enemies of the Emperor, or the handling of a delicate diplomatic situation, the Imperial Navy is ready to handle the job with finesse and power. Serving with distinction, the many fleets which make up the Navy are stationed throughout the Empire, ever ready to leap into action in the defence of Imperial interests. This enormous military machine, fuelled by its numerous staff of dedicated officers and loyal pilots, has long been the harbinger of peace and justice throughout the galaxy and will be for a long time to come.


NOTE: Please add more individuals to this list. The actual title used by the Commander of the Imperial Navy varied.


  • Imperial Navy Banner (Year 4)

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