The Curse of the Imperial Intelligence Director

A limited misconception amongst some beings of the galaxy, formed from the misbelief that no single Director of Imperial Intelligence has ever retired on good terms with the Imperial throne until Alexander Fel. This is an incorrect rumour as the first three Directors of Imperial Intelligence resigned on good terms with The Throne, with Naal Soven later serving as Emperor Charon's second Grand Vizier. Director Seele was the first to resign on bad terms with The Throne; resigning in protest of the removal of Emperor Charon. It is after Director Seele that the high rate of turn-over began with Imperial Intelligence staff, which was a trend with all branches and departments the Galactic Empire under the reign of Emperor's Greyson Uebles and Vodo Bonias. It is during this period of low morale that resulted in a number of Directors assuming the position for short periods of time to either resign in protest of Imperial leadership or to be removed for gross incompetence.

An alternative explanation for the misconception is that at the time of Zee Wolf tenure as Director of Imperial Intelligence none of his predecessors were on good terms with Emperor Vodo Bonias; indeed most of them were wanted for High Treason.

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