Personal Information
Leadership: Army High Command
Formation: Unknown circa Year -4
Headquarters: Carida
Locations: Galaxy-wide
Status: Active

The Imperial Army is the branch of the Galactic Empire that has the primary responsibility of prosecution of ground-side military operations. The Army's mandate is to eliminate military threats to the established Imperial political order on the planetary surface. If the planet is not under Imperial control, the Army is to engage and defeat any local military force capable of resistance in order to facilitate the transition of control of the planet to the Empire.

When on garrison duty, the Army's mission is essentially unchanged, except they are expected to provide firepower and backup to COMPNOR and Intelligence operatives when such actions have been cleared with the Sector Government.

The Imperial Army is equipped with the highest degree of technology. Its All-Terrain Armoured Transport Squadrons are to be feared by all enemies of the Empire. Defending the concept of order and strength, the Imperial Army is one of the Emperors most stalwart tools.



  • Imperial Army Banner (Year 4)

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