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Voragga Zuuma

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Tobba Nokko


Hutt Conglomerate

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Formed from

Hutt Council (Year 3)


Year 10 Day 60

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Paramilitary, Security




The Hutt Cartel — also known as The Cartel — is an underworld consortium led by Hutts which employs mercenaries and smugglers of various species. Although its foundation date occurred on Year 10 Day 60, the Cartel claims symbolic descent from the earlier Hutt Council organized by the legendary Angobba the Hutt circa Year 3.[1]

The current ruler of the Cartel is the vile gangster, Voragga the Hutt, and his second-in-command is Tobba Nokko. The ramshackle organization is staffed by a diverse lineup of repugnant henchmen including Gamorrean thugs and Rodian enforcers.


From the darkened alleyways of Mos Eisley to the crowded spaceports of Corellia, the scoundrels who lurk in the galaxy's underworld come in all shapes and sizes. Some are Human, and some not. Some thrive within the core worlds of the Galactic Empire, while others subsist in the backwater worlds of the Outer Rim. A few are deadly assassins, while most are cowardly thugs. Common to all, however, is the desire to make a fast credit, regardless of how many innocent sentient beings are harmed in the process.[2]

The Hutt Cartel is a wretched hive for such ilk and is seeking the scum of the galaxy to augment its ranks. To join, you must be willing to fraternize with Zygerrian slavers, spice-smugglers, bounty hunters, gun runners, Rodian enforcers, slimy double-crossing no-good swindlers, and anyone else the cartel does business with. We bump uglies with the lowest of the low and you must accept that. Above all, you must be willing to serve and to obey the vile gangster, Voragga Zuuma, the grand overlord of the cartel. Filthy and corpulent, Voragga the Hutt rules the cartel with an iron fist from his desert alcazar on Reltooine. Renowned for his carnal appetite and penchant for licking Twi'leki slave girls, Voragga is a shrewd businessman and a powerful voice among the Hutt clans. However, both Voragga and his more reputable cousin Tobba Nokko would never condescend to manage the daily operations of the cartel. Instead, they hired an underpaid majordomo to do so.[2]

The current majordomo is a weak-minded Twi'leki male who humbly serves Voragga the Hutt and dutifully stewards his business affairs. As majordomo, the steward oversees certain projects on behalf of other individuals; in this case, those individuals are the Hutts. Under his tenure, the group has expanded its lucrative activities from selling Huttese pornography to peddling the finest death-sticks in the galaxy, one hundred percent pure.[2]

Alleged MurdersEdit

  • Jssippi Ryter (Year 10), a Corporate Sector Authority employee.
  • Donnie Deffland (Year 10), a Corporate Sector Authority employee.
  • Nexus Colar (Year 10), a traitorous Hutt spy for Corey Kylani.
  • Entaro Enkidu (Year 10), an abrasive Bothan bully and braggart.
  • Morris Yeltsin (Year 10), a Coruscanti thief and scammer.
  • Sinrad Siduko (Year 10), a hooded Kuati brigand and idler.
  • Duk Baz`Cazk (Year 10), a greedy Hutt who stole ships.

Alleged KidnappingsEdit

  • Jennifer Sheppard (Year 10), a naive Hapan scientist.



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