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Welcome to Hunters Inc.'s New Trading Plaza. Shown around you are our the Services we Provide, and also what we may have for Sale or even on occasions what we are seeking. A new Company in this Galaxy to present the trader, you, with what you alone are seeking. This Company is also a by-product of the faction, Bounty Hunters Guild. We work together to bring forward what we have to offer...

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#Hunters-Inc - Hunters Inc's Channel
#BHG - Bounty Hunters Guild Faction Channel

Hunters Inc. Services Edit

Trading Service Edit

Are you having problems selling a Certain Item you have?? Do you request some help? Well Hunters Inc. will actually help get rid of that Item you are so intent on getting rid of. We ask for NO Commission from this service, but is a mere thing we will do to help another trader. [Tips are Welcomed though]

Writing Services Edit

We at Hunters Incorporated have brilliant writers. Doing Descriptions to Faction Front pages and more. We are willing to write up wonderful pieces of writing for you to use. These writings are cheap but the price is created when the order is made. If any more Information is needed, please DM Steven Bailey or approach us on MIRC at #BHG. [Examples]

Transportation Edit

Are you new to the Combine and need a quick transportation?? Or perhaps you are a Veteran and just need to be brought to a new vessel or need some materials or even a ship moved for you. Well we at Hunters Inc. can do that for you! Prices start the moment you have been picked up, and are 2,500 for each day in HyperSpace. For moving other Vessels or Materials, it is 3,000 for each day in Hyperspace. DM for my information.

Middling Services Edit

As said, we at Hunters Inc. are here to provide all Traders will trading support. Well it also comes with the fact we do Middling for ALL traders and request that these are done on MIRC as to NOT keep each trader waiting and so each can receive their items and also payments quickly. For a list of Middles, please refer to the second post in this thread.

Hunters Inc. Real Estate and Construction Service Edit

Under Development.

Hunters Inc. Trading Centre Edit

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Ships Edit

YT-2400 [380,000 Credits - Trade]
[Located in Correlia's Orbit]

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Hunters Inc. Discounts Edit

  1. All Members and Affiliates of Bounty Hunters Guild:: 10 - 20%
  2. Reputable Middles:: 5 - 10%
  3. Adding more later.....

Hunters Inc. Rules of Trading and Services Edit

  1. During Trades, the Seller/Buyer will either send First, or we will use one of our Middles or another Reputable Middle.
  2. We will NOT trade with ignorant people, and those that are dis-respectful to the current Employee.

Hunters Inc. Services and Products Provided so Far Edit

x1 RARE Toskan N-Q Fighter x6 Longprobe x1 Tie-Wing x1 Sleuth x2 Personal Residence x1 Cloakshape x3 NPC's

x2 Biography Writings

Total Capital Traded:: $1,835,000

Hunters Inc. Reputable Middlemen/Ladies Edit

  1. Steven Bailey
  2. Jako Lewis
  3. If you wish to be listed, please DM Steven Bailey with proof of your Abilities and trustworth.
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