The Royal House Ismay has spanned several generations, and encompasses many notable characters in the galaxy. The Ismays have always been spread among the leading organizations and governments to this day. Currently most of the less influential members reside in Black Star Recycling. Previously the House was also closely linked to the Galactic Empire, but the two are now estranged. The House is also the rightful rulers of the Anzatan Commonwealth, as well as the regional government of the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth, with blood links to the current Hapan Royal Family.

The family has a ranking system that includes the blood related members and those that have pledged fealty to the House.


Please note that these constitute player characters only. If non-player characters were included, there would be well over a dozen additional persons, both alive and deceased.


Conte/Contessa (Count/Countess)

Visconte/Viscontessa (Viscount/Viscountess)

  • Asarya`katr von Ismay

Barone/Baronessa (Baron/Baroness)

Signore/Signoressa (Lord/Lady)

Patrizio/Patrizia (Patrician, or Highborn)



  • Memnon Gato-von Ismay [Origin unknown]
  • Alexander von Ismay [Varrus]

[*] By marriage, no authority within the House

[**] By marriage, reverted to Signore/Signoressa after spouse's death

[***] On the twenty-first birthday of the blood heir, Owen von Ismay will revert to the title of Visconte. Until that time, he functions as a Regent, or co-head of the Royal House.

Pledged Members

Pledged members of the House are those not related by blood, marriage, or adoption who have sworn an oath of service to the Royal House. They gain rank with service and time. These ranks are Retainer, Oathman, Lawman, and Kinsman. Occasionally Pledged Members are granted minor noble titles and essentially adopted in the family, though they are outside the proper line of succession. As no male member may be adopted into the House's lineage, this offers non-blood males to serve the House faithfully and honorably.

At the current time, no Pledged Members will be listed.

Family History

House Ismay's founding and founders have been lost in the mists of time, however the family traces it's lineage back thousands of years to the early years of the Republic. What is known is that the Ismays originated on Coruscant and gained the hereditary title of Count. More recently the family came to prominence under the leadership of Victor von Ismay XVI. Victor rose within the Imperial ranks to hold numerous high ranking positions, including Bureau Chief of Imperial Intelligence, Minister of Information and Moff of the Corellian Sector. After the murder of Victor, the title of Count passed to his eldest son, Wilhelm von Ismay.

During the time of Victor, the comital title of House Ismay was verified by not just one Galactic Emperor, but three (Charon, Uebles, Bonias). While Wilhelm was head of the Household, he added first a baronial title (through the Falleen Crown) and gained the kingly title of Sovereign (through the Ismayic Anzatan Crown).

Family Dynamics

The Ismay family is blood related with the Tylger family. Alex Tylger and Victor von Ismay both had the same mother, thus linking both great families as one. Over the generations, many people have married into the family, and some have divorced out of the family. A notable family that married in to the Tylger side was the Ikron-Soyak family via the union of Tara Tylger and Navik Ikron.

The Ismay family is not limited to the Human race. Lady Asarya`katr is half human and half Twi'lek.

Most, if not all of the Ismay siblings are half siblings. Victor von Ismay's many girlfriends and wives over the span of his life, produced countless numbers of children, of which they keep being discovered periodically, making the family even bigger.


Since the assassination of Victor von Ismay by Teniel Djo and the rise of Wilhelm von Ismay to the head of the Household, the Royal House has maintained a triumvirate-like upper structure composed of the Count (Conte) and the two Viscounts (Visconte/ssa). They hold a simple majority vote on most issues directly concerning the House, including new pledged members and investigations into the genetic lineage of those claiming to be descended from the House. During Wilhelm's stewardship, the Council consisted of himself as the Count, Viscount Owen von Ismay, and Viscountess Asarya`katr von Ismay

With Wilhelm's murder, Viscount Owen von Ismay became Count-Regent until Wilhelm's eldest son reaches the age of twenty-one, as per Ismayic Law, co-ruling the House with him. In effect, the triumvirate council is still in place and will continue to for the foreseeable future.

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