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Horley Cyan is a devaronian. Throughout the years Horley Cyan has gone from a rogue just looking for enough credits for his next meal to leader of major corporations with vast holdings throughout the galaxy:

Corporate Alliance was one those organizations that Horley built back up from nothing. Corporate Alliance in time became a major trading organization within the galaxy, so much so that the Trade Federation government felt it was time to recruit Horley Cyan and his skills to better not just themselves but their newly formed affiliation called the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

It took Nereus Eruresto many weeks to convince Horley to bring his talents to the Glythe sector, and ultimately Horley accepted the offer of Trade Minister for the Trade Federation and the whole of the CIS. With time and experience, he later became Viceroy.

Then one day Viceroy Horley Cyan came across the data concerning Haor Chall and all that it was in its glory days, this information intrigued Horley and became a great idea to press upon for a future project.

With the return of Viceroy Corbin Esco, this was the perfect time for Horley to step down from leading the Trade Federation and get back into a more simpler and undoubtedly more exciting way of life. He decided that it was time to return another long forgotten great name and manufacturing tradition back to what it once was.

Such a task would have been near impossible if it wasn't for the most recent and interesting discoveries during Horley Cyan's term as Viceroy of the Trade Federation. So, he left the Federation and joined Haol. The company did exceedingly well, and profits were now more common in the company’s monthly report.

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Horley Cyan as a Prophet

But it was at that moment of wealth when Horley was touched by something bigger. A newly born faith had turned this once business man into a prophet, a chosen one of the faith. This new religion was the Order of Kampar. Now Cyan devoted his days not to calculate margins of profit, but to teach naive kids about the greatness of Kampar and to indoctrinate the adults about the benefits one could get from eating the holy ewok meat. He became a Prophet of the Order.

Then, when the newly elected Viceroy Bren Morgarr required Cyan’s help. He called him to perform the duty of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Horley accepted, but he didn’t abandon his believes, instead, he saw this opportunity to bring light and saucy ewok ribs to the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Horley is a very Repuitable trader and trusted middle, as stated by many trading organizations such as TPA, Enigma and just word of mouth.

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