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Sarin Inc.

Hobo Raff is the prolific co-founder of the now defunct Sarin Incorporated, Outrider Trading and Arakyd Industries groups. He was a business associate of Choibacco the Wookiee, the legendary progenitor of the Antarian Rangers.

Biography[edit | edit source]

While a member of the once-powerful Bounty Hunters Alliance (BHA) circa Year 1, Raff developed a close relationship with empire-builder Sarin Boda and medic Ann-Yael. Together, they egressed the BHA and founded a trading faction, Sarin Incorporated, which would be the grandfather of several notable successor groups. Shortly thereafter, Choibacco the Wookiee became the charismatic Vice President of Sarin Incorporated.

When Sarin Boda allegedly became tyrannical, Ann-Yael, Choibacco and Hobo Raff departed the Sarin Inc. and formed Arakyd Industries, a droid manufacturing company. Ann and Choibacco soon fell in love and were married in a lavish Hapan wedding officiated by King Jessy James. However, three months later, Arakyd Industries fell into disarray. Eventually, Ann-Yael returned to the Hapes Consortium and Choibacco became the governor of Dathomir.

The future activities and fate of Raff is unknown.

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