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Hiram Drayson
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Hiram Drayson was the first recorded Emperor of the Galaxy (Unknown - October 1997). Little is known about him, but he was rumored to be a Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy before his ascension to power. He and Agent 21, a Jedi assassin and body guard, successfully orchestrated a bloodless coup removing the existing administration from power and cementing their rule.

His reign is generally believed to have been brief and productive. Emperor Drayson successfully procured ships and equipment for the Army and Navy and quickly built the Empire into the preeminent force in the galaxy. He also successfully financed and oversaw the construction of an additional Super Star Destroyer that was a sister ship to his Death Knight.

From the bridge of the Death Knight, Drayosn coordinated his forces on numerous successful campaigns and continued to consolidate his power.

It was during this time that latent force abilities began to violently manifest causing him excruciating pain and enigmatic visions. Eventually, Drayson was able to control his emotions and became an extremely powerful Sith. It was at this time that he started a campaign to recruit others with force powers throughout the galaxy and he disappeared for some time leaving his Naval Chief of Staff, Admiral Suntzu in charge.

Upon his return sometime later, it was obvious that the sycophant Vodo Bonias had completely permeated and destroyed much of the progress that had been made to strengthen the Empire. Taking many of his friends and other loyal Imperials, Drayson formed a purer iteration of the Empire called the Order of Darkness. The Order was a “best of the best” of the former Empire and possessed many of its strongest capital ships. They established a top secret fortress Alamut and other installations throughout the galaxy.

Forever separated from the Empire, the Order set about subjugating realms and exterminating Jedi. The Empire was dealt it’s most debilitating blow when Lady Dyvel, then the admiral of the Imperial Navy, defected with Officer Evax and the remaining ships and funds left to the Empire. With their long orchestrated defection complete, the Order was now the dominant force in the galaxy and imposed its will where it saw fit.

Unfortunately, the Order’s great secrecy has made it lost to the annals of history. It is a safe bet that it still exists somewhere, but a recent expedition to the fortress Alamut, found the fortress deserted. Nothing of any value was found except a half written love letter that looks as if it had been left there many years ago.

OOC History[]

Drayson was controversially deposed as Emperor of the Galactic Empire by Sim Master Fizzban in 1997; thus, setting an administrative precedent. This precedent was later cited by Sim Master Veynom to justify the removal of Emperor Charon in 2003.

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