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Wild Space X-9




(5, 3)





Primary terrain

Urban, Forests, Hills, Lakes, Rivers

Points of interest

New Hope, The Crusty Prawn, Down Under, Hestia Temple

Native species


Official language

Galactic Basic


164,035 inhabitants


The Cosmic Balance




A refuge away from the oppression of the galactic governments. As with Adumar this city is a new beginning for settlers, a place to forget their former lives as slaves or prisoners, a place to begin anew without fear or prejudice.

The TempleEdit


Devouted to the worship of the Cosmic Balance, this temple is a refuge for new believers as well as lifelong devotees of the faith. Taking the form of traditional courtyard and palace structure. guarding the front of the temple are two statues, shapes really carved from the local granite into the form of the Blanace symbol. Common decorative figures applied to the structures include a herbivores intertwined with predatory animals. Another unique feature of the temple structure is the up-turned eaves. This up-turned structure with a beautiful curve presents a volatile and lively style and symbolizes the balance inherent in the galaxy. Reflecting the changing/becoming-concerned perspective and the unchanging/being-concerned perspective inherent in the duality of the Balance the temple is constructed and decorated in appreciation of this duality, where there are dark colors in one section there are ligt colors in another where there is stone there is wood, where there are quare rooms there are round rooms, where there is light there is dark.

Hestia's Visitors CenterEdit

Welcome to Hestia.

Inside the visitors center you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding Adumar and hestia. Please feel to browse over whatever you like and enjoy your stay.Cosmic Balance WebForums

New HopeEdit


The first settlement of Adumar New Hope is situated in the Northwestern corner of Hestia, seat of governance for the city and base of operations for the Balance on Adumar. The lobby of the building is a sweeping circular affair, granite floors and windows circling the back wall give the lobby an open and aesthetically pleasing appearance and feel. On the right hand side of the lobby is a row of lifts graced by a small receptionist station.

Always on station at this desk is either a small child of roughly 16 human years of age or Laari Reed.


To the left of the loddy is a casual cafeteria, divided off from the rest of the lobby by a wire fence and a few potted plants. The cafeteria itself serves as the primary gathering and social point for New Hope having seen everything from the birth of the first born Hestian to the death of the oldest residence. While plain the food is excellent and boast a wide range of meats and fresh produce.

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