Heirs of Ziost is a neutral, independent group of miners which has built many homes across the galaxy. The group was founded thousands of years ago when followers of the last of the Sith race were compelled to escape the claws of the Dark side. They fled and left the world of Ziost behind. All followers cherish the ancient teachings of the now extinct Sith race. These miners have strong beliefs the Force is One.


A Mandalorian Academy master and a doctor are working in this faction to create one of the best Galactic Academies ever.


Feel free to send an e-mail to AidonSadow[at]gmail[dot]com for more information about this faction.


Honest, hard working sentients are found to be worthy brothers and sisters of Heirs of Ziost. But joining this group is not easy. Before initiates are accepted into Heirs of Ziost they should be prepared to meet some time-consuming tests... Although this might sound ominous, deaths never occurred during these tests.


Heirs of Ziost will sell any kind of raw material if they have it in stock. You can check availability on their website. Construction services will be available in the future and redundant prospecting vehicles will probably be sold on the Galactic Market.

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