Haven is the Recycling group of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

The symbol of Haven Corporation
Name - Haven
Founded - Year 0, Day 5
Faction Type - Recycling
Leader Title - President
Current Faction leader - Marco Salo
Current Second-in-Command - Gideon Stargazer
Membership - 15
Motto - N/A
Website - Haven Website


Haven Recycling was once owned and operated by an appointed leader from the great Myorzo Corporation. That leader was Midge Cellewan, a Saciuk who really knew his stuff when it came to trading.

Myorzo Corporation then one day came to a crossroads and its leader decided it was time to move on. In doing so, he left Midge Cellewan in control of a great portion of Myorzo's holdings. Midge decided that Haven, being a mere recycling organization of no great stature, just wasn't for him.

Haven was sold to Adam Flynn, a Mon Calamari with ideas of his own. Flynn wasn't particularly interested in keeping Haven for himself either so he decided to turn it over to Horley Cyan.

Horley Cyan took Haven on as a challenge and opportunity for himself to spread his business principles further into the galaxy. Having a recycling organization gave Horley many great new ideas for how to not only increase his own holdings, but the holdings of his friends and comrades as well.

Business was something Horley took to quite quickly and within weeks of gaining ownership of Haven, had it up to self sufficiency and running smoothly. With Haven running on its own, Horley needed to get back to work within the CIS and Corporate Alliance. When he left, Horley left a trusted friend in his place.

The history goes on with the 2 years' term performed by Auron Shadowbane. This time was filled with many recycling done for the CIS and the Faleen Federation. Auron was succeeded by Todor Ginchev. The time spent by him raised the company to 100mil. of worth, over 12 active members and the start of the production period of the company.

Todor left the company by his own will and was succeeded by Marco Salo - an ex duceroy of the CIS and the Trade Fedaration.


Haven prides itself on being an open faction. Employees decide what they want to do in the organization. This leads to a higher amount of employee satisfaction. Haven uses the X-Tie "ugly" ship as the main method of transportation for its employees. This is common among recycling factions. This strategy allows the company to supply cheap and fast transportation. Young beings in search of a ship and income of their own find that they find a solid opportunity working for Haven.

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